Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Practices

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Practices

Pests in your home and in your garden can ruin your summer, and be potentially dangerous to your family. If you or someone in your family is allergic to bee stings, then it is in your best interests to make sure that you take all of the proper measures necessary to keep bees out of your home.

Most of the DIY methods for removing pests involve chemicals, but there is a growing number of options that are made from natural materials. In some cases, using a toxic pest control substance can be more dangerous than the pests themselves. Use environmentally friendly pest control practices to make sure that you and your family are free from pests, while staying safe and being mindful of the world around you.

Using the Right Contractor

As the need for environmentally conscious pest control methods grow, you will find more and more pest removal companies that are using natural methods only. If you are concerned about the environment and want to make sure that you are using only environmentally friendly pest control methods, then be sure to find a pest removal contractor who uses only natural methods for ridding your house of pests.

Keeping Pests Out

You can avoid the need for pest control measures of any kind if you take the time to keep pests out of your home in the first place. You should inspect the exterior of your home to see if there are any openings where hornets or other pests might be able to get in, and close those openings up. Inspect around the outside of your home to see if there are any easily accessible holes or openings that mice or other pests could use to get in.

One place where pests tend to get into most homes is through the roof. You should have a professional inspect your roof to make sure it allows for proper air flow, but is also closed to any pests. If you work to close off the pest entrances to your home, then you won't need to use the toxic chemicals that are offered as solutions for pest infestations.


Traps are sometimes avoided by people looking for environmentally friendly pest control methods because they are thought to be inhumane. However, there is a growing number of options for traps that capture the animal and do not kill it available on the market. If you have mice or rats and want them gone but you cannot bring yourself to kill them, then get a trap that captures the furry pests and then take them to a field a few miles from your home and let them go.

Diatomaceous Earth

One of the fastest growing environmentally friendly pest control trends is the use of diatomaceous earth. This is a chalk-like substance that is made up of fossilized remains of materials known as diatoms. The material is microscopic, but the substance is deadly to pests such as cockroaches, fleas and ants. The best part is that it is completely safe for pets and children.

You would use diatomaceous earth the same way you would use toxic pest control chemicals. You would spread it in the areas where the pests live in your house, and then watch as the pests disappear. Many people are finding this form of pest control to be more effective than any toxic chemical on the market.

Microbial Insecticides

Many of the people looking for natural solutions to pest control are people trying to keep pests out of their gardens. Finding the right natural solution can be difficult because some of the solutions that are deadly to pests are also deadly to plants, beneficial garden bugs, and pets.

Microbial insecticides are applied directly to your garden plants, and they are only harmful to pests. These types of insecticides are all natural, and they do not kill plants, beneficial garden bugs or mammals. You can buy microbial insecticides from most online suppliers, and this focused pest solution can help you to get rid of most of the bugs that are destroying your garden.

One of the most difficult aspects of environmentally conscious living is trying to remove pests without the use of chemicals. Over the years, everyone has become so used to reaching for a bottle of chemicals to get rid of indoor or outdoor pests that it almost seems second nature.

Using pest control chemicals indoors can be harmful to your pets and your family, while using toxic chemicals outdoors can get into the water table and destroy your garden or your yard. You should opt for the environmentally friendly route when it comes to pest control and use natural methods that have been proven to be effective.