Sustainable Home Cooling Systems

Sustainable Home Cooling Systems

Keeping your home cool in the summer helps your family to sleep at night, and it makes those hotter day much more bearable. But cooling a home in the summer can be expensive, which is why you need to look into sustainable home cooling systems. With these type of systems you get a comfortable cooled home, but without all of the extra expense that comes with running window air conditioners or a central air conditioning system.

Window Fans

People often under estimate the abilities of window fans, especially when you point those fans in the right direction. If you put a fan in your window and point the fan so it is blowing air towards the outside, then you will get much better results. The fan will pull hot air from inside your house and send it outside, and it will prevent more hot air from getting in.

The key to getting the most from window fans is to make sure you put fans in more than one window. If you have several windows in your living room, then get a fan going in each window and see how quickly the entire downstairs starts to cool off. The only drawback with fans is that they can be quite loud, which does not make sleeping very easy for those light sleepers.

Cool Night Air

While the days of summer feature stifling hot weather during the day and night, there are plenty of summer days that allow for some cool summer nights. Instead of turning the air conditioners on at night, you could put screens on all of the windows and keep them open at night. This is especially effective if you can get a cross-breeze going between windows in the front of the house, and windows in the back.

Heat Pumps

At any point in time, the air temperature at a depth of eight feet below the earth is around 55 degrees. A heat pump circulates that air throughout your home and uses it to heat your home in the winter, and cool your home in the summer. It does this by replacing the cold air in the winter with hot air, and removing the hot air in the summer.

You can get an air heat pump that works in the same way, but with air from the outside instead of the air underground. The air heat pump works much the same way as window fans do during the summer by drawing out heat, but the heat pump is much quieter. As a heating and cooling option, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient.

Solar Power

One of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have about solar power is that it is expensive and takes up a lot of space. You can buy a central air conditioner that runs on one solar panel and battery back-up power, and reduce your energy costs for cooling your home to almost nothing.

A hybrid solar air conditioner utilizes solar power as its primary source of energy, but can also run on a battery back-up when the solar power is not available. The batteries can be recharged using solar power or power from your local grid, but the air conditioner will always default to the solar panels whenever energy is available from that source.


Shading your windows from the sun during the summer will do a lot to keep the heat in your home down. There are several ways that you can shade your windows, starting with pull-shades or blinds that can let in as much light as you feel you need. You can also shade your windows from the outside by putting awnings over them, or growing trees along your property line that will grow to keep out the sun. You can also cover your windows in a special film that allows the light to get through, but blocks the heat rays.

Sustainable home cooling is not as difficult or expensive as you may think. Once you start using more energy efficient cooling methods, you will recover any investment you made several times over in the money you will save on your energy bills.

By using sustainable home cooling systems, you are reducing your carbon footprint and cutting back on the amount of pollution that is put into the air. By doing your part, you can save money and also feel good knowing that you are helping to save the environment at the same time.